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We understand how challenging it is to wash a pile of dishes at the end of the day when you are so much tired of the hectic schedule. Don’t be afraid, dishwashers are there to help you since they have been designed to make household cleaning convenient for you.

When looking for the best budget dishwasher, make sure that you know how to use it appropriately. Buying a dishwasher doesn’t mean that you can plank down anything and simply suppose that it would come out as clean as a new. There are some articles that should never be put in a dishwashing machine, otherwise, they can be ruined even in the mildest dishwashing cycle. Avoid putting anything in the dishwasher that can damage the machine. It means that you should place the right kitchenware inside. Below, our experts will guide you on how to keep appliances in good shape and enhance their performance while avoiding the items that shouldn’t be placed in it:


You might think of washing the crystal kitchenware in the dishwasher as the safest but we always suggest washing such items by your hands. This is so because the crystal material has to face an intense heat in the dishwashing cycle. Hot water holds the ability to crack, break or even chip the delicate crystal. Keep in mind that crystal utensils need to be washed lightly and carefully, otherwise they can easily break.


When it comes to wooden items, usually, hot water and heat from the drying cycle let the wood dry and bend out of shape. Hot water can even dull the finishing of the wooden kitchenware. So, it is advisable to hand wash and air dry such items in order to maintain their finishing and functioning.


Copper mugs, pans and pots should always be left out of the dishwashing machine. You need to hand wash such objects with a mild soap solution so to retain their beauty.

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Nonstick Pans and Vintage

When buying nonstick utensils, you’ll find that manufacturing instructions are written on it. Some are dishwasher safe while others won’t. If you are not sure of whether the particular item is dishwasher safe or not, avoid putting it in as its nonstick material and quality can be ruined forever.

Likewise, kitchenware with gold or silver trimmed sides should also be washed by hands. This is due to the reason that its pattern can get fade during the dishwashing cycle. It’s quite obvious that a detergent is tremendously harsh on utensils and can ruin their finishing. To retain their value, finish and look, it is suggested to wash them with hands too. Porcelain kitchen items can be washed in the dishwasher but make sure that they are not painted by hands.

Insulated Jars

Either its summer or winter, an insulated jar is perfect for keeping the drink extra hot or chilly for a considerable time. But if it is put in the dishwasher, then there is a chance that its performance will be poor. This is so because water can be filled in the inside and outside layers of an insulated jar, hence damaging its insulation.

Blades and Scalpels

To keep your kitchen scalpels and blades sharp for always, avoid washing them in the dishwasher. The dishwashing machine can dull blades of the knife, thus making it work just like a bread knife instead of the one that can easily slice tougher food. We always recommend washing knives by hands in order to prevent them from getting dull in the end.

Adhesiveness on Objects

You’ll have observed that jars and bottles generally contain labels with adhesiveness which can easily be peeled off, hence blocking the drain. It can also happen that the labels get stuck on other items too and creating a confusion when dried out completely. So, it’s appropriate to hand wash such items.


For grating cheese, vegetables and other edibles, we normally use graters. But the small holes in it can be clogged while placing it in a dishwasher. You need to clean these small holes with a bristled brush so to avoid drain clogging and then put the grater in the dishwasher.

When searching for the best budget dishwasher, make sure that you fully know the above mentioned things that shouldn’t be placed in your new dishwasher. Keeping those delicate items away will help you in keeping your dishwasher in a good condition whilst enhancing its performance for the years to come.

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