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When it comes to buying cooking range online, we usually prefer to look for the gas range sale. This is so because gas is considered as an ideal cooking fuel since it is hotter and holds on less heat than the electric kitchen hobs. The cooking range may vary due to features, sizes and configurations. In this guide, our experts will guide you on how to choose the best range cooker:

Finishing Options

Corona holds an assortment of range cookers such as stainless steel and/or black metal body with glass or metal top. General Tec, Tecnogas, Siemens, Teka, Rays and many other brands are becoming popular nowadays. Stainless steel option can well-match all cabinet styles.


3 burner cooking range is available in 27 inches while 5 burners range cooker can be made available in 34 inches.

If you are preferring to buy imported cooking range, then its standard size is available in 36 inches (width).

Warming Zone

All sophisticatedly designed cooking ranges have a warming zone which provides low heat, thus keeping your finished food warm.

Corona 5 Burner Glass Top Cooking Range C-200SS-AT

Grill Burner

It is a stretched out burner which holds the ability to be used either as a burner or a grill over it.

Convection Cooking Range

For the ones who love baking, convection feature in a cooking range is quite important. This is due to the reason that it has a powerful convection fan which retains even temperature during cooking or baking. General Tec offers convection range cookers that let you get professional baking results.

Bake Element

Either it’s a convection or a conventional cooking range, there is a bake element below the lower rack. It helps in radiating heat consistently even when the oven section in a cooking range is in a baking mode. It is basically a griddle having greater width which lets more heat to be passed on. The bake element in a convection cooking range provides more heat across the food surface with low output.

Dual Fuel

The most opted cooking range is the one that contains a gas top for best cooking output while convection oven works on gas for even cooking/baking. Only the rotary grill works on electricity.

When planning to buy a convection cooking range, make sure that there is a separate 220V line which can accommodate the gas range with its electric rotary grill.

Freestanding Range Cookers

Almost all range cookers have controls on their back. The best part of free standing ranges is that they can easily fit into any kitchen space. Installation is fairly convenient.

Frontal Control Knobs

Whether you are purchasing a local or an imported cooking range, all have frontal control knobs which can easily fit into any space.

Professional Cooking Ranges

On our online store, you can find the best quality professional cooking ranges which are available in 36 inches size. These ranges are offered with grill and glass top. Popular brands available in professional ranges are Tecnogas, Bosch and Siemens.

Xtreme Kitchen Hob XT-432

Kitchen Hobs and Cooking Ranges

When it comes to a kitchen hob, it is just the burners of the range cooker. Making a decision as if to purchase a range cooker or a kitchen hob is quite challenging at times. This is so because cooktops are usually built-in and somewhat difficult to fix in any kitchen countertop compared to a cooking range. Not all kitchen hobs are of the highest quality, though all manufacturers label them as the best. Kitchen cooktop is more about the ability to simmer, output and reliability.

Price Difference in Hob and Range

Compared to a cooking range, kitchen hob is much affordable.

How to Buy from Our Online Store?

We understand that buying a cooking range seems puzzling at times. Here, our experts will give you a quick overview so, you can make the best decision:

  • All our cooking ranges are available in three, four and five burners
  • The upgrades are a grill, convection and griddle burner
  • To give a stylish look to your new or renovated kitchen, opt for a glass top range cooker
  • Professional ranges are much more powerful than others

Keep in mind that you’ll need the services of the technician for maintenance and repairs. It is essential to know which online store can provide the services of installation, maintenance and/or repairs.

We usually suggest our online customers buying their favored home and kitchen appliances in deals or holidays because prices drop by approximately thirty five to forty percent.

When looking for the gas range sale, make sure that you have fully read the above buying guide. This will help you to select the right cooking range for your kitchen.

For more details and queries, you can call us on 0340-1111-444.

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