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To whichever washing machine you are going to buy, it is always a long term and heavy investment. Therefore, you need to make a careful choice for the best cheap washing machine so you can make the most out of your spending. For instance, a new top load washing machine in the Haier brand can cost Rs. 29,200 to Rs. 108,600 or even more if you opt for any other brand. But if you make a judicious choice, then you can let your family meet their needs for decades.

Keep in mind that the perfectly selected washer and spinner or washer and dryer will consume less energy and water. While the best washing machine would be much effective and reliable in washing your clothes and will do its job itself, without needing your attention (once you select the right settings).

Haier HWM-90-1789

Either it’s a front load washer and dryer or a twin tub washing machine, all washers have usually big tubs which are filled with water, then spin to wash clothes and once again spin faster to extract excessive water out of your clothes. But the question is how these washing machines do their job and how much water and energy they consume during the process? Here, our experts will provide some useful information about different types of washing machines and how they work. This will help you to choose the right appliance for your home:

Select Appropriate Location and Washing Machine Size

In countries like Pakistan, we hardly focus on building a laundry room. This is the reason why it is easier for us to install the washing machine anywhere in the home. But some of the capacities in washers and dryers are becoming a big deal today. For example, latest top load washer and spinner are 30 or 32 inches wide for enhanced capacity. While in front load, the size remains same in 5-8 kg but increases above this capacity.

Before selecting the high capacity washing machine, ensure that it can pass on through the entranceways easily and perfectly fit in the decided space. For this, you need to measure the height, width and depth of the area where you want to place the new machine and measure the doorways. Make sure to leave at least an extra inch or two for space at the sides of the machine for appropriate air circulation.

Whichever fully automatic washing machine you are buying, make sure to leave considerable space behind for hosepipes and plug ins. In case of a front load, clear the space at the front for access and opening of the doors.

Washing Machine Capacity

If you have a large family and accustomed to washing clothes regularly, then you need to select the right capacity which can meet everyone’s requirements. A 12 kg washing machine can easily manage 12 to 13 clothes in a single wash. You can also match the capacity of both washer and dryer for improved performance.

Front Load or Top Load

One of the challenging decisions to make is whether to select a top load or a front load washing machine. Such as, if you opt for a top load, you need to choose a high efficiency (HE) washing machine. This is so because high efficiency machines consume less energy and water than a conventional top load machine. Likewise, HE washer and spinner uses special detergent since the machine fairly uses less water.

When it comes to the front load, they are highly efficient too but are more expensive in contrast to top load. They use approximately one half of the amount of water and spins much faster which in turn lets your clothes dry out quickly. Compared to top loads, front loads vibrate greatly and usually have long running cycles.

Image Credit – Consumer Reports

Washing Machine Tub

If you have ever used an automatic washing machine in the past, you’ll know that the stainless steel tub gives the best performance. But if your washing is not too often, then a high grade plastic tub will be sufficient for you. Some high efficiency automatic machines have deep tubs so make sure that you can conveniently reach to the bottom of the tub prior to buying any such one.

Washing Machine Options

If you wash a wide range of fabrics and you know the level of their griminess, then you need to select the washing machine which offers different wash cycles such as Quick 30, Delicate and so on. Almost all fully automatic latest machines automate every task that you select for washing clothes. You can choose various water level settings which ensure most efficient wash for different loads having distinct sizes.

Each fully automatic washing machine has an automatic dispenser which provides fabric softener and detergent as per the machine’s cycle set. You can also put bulk detergent for numerous loads while load sensors will deliver only a specific amount of water needed for the particular load. You can also manage the water temperature manually.

Either it’s a semi-automatic or a fully automatic washing machine, each one has an electronic display that lets you keep an eye on the machine’s status. An automatic temperature regulator is a must have feature in cold weather. It ensures that water for wash cycle will be available at a constant temperature. Shatterproof frame and extra insulation help in reducing noise level.

While looking to buy the best cheap washing machine, make sure that you receive a warranty card and is well aware of its terms and extent of coverage. There should be at least one year of warranty for all the home appliances.

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