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In this winter, do you want to make your life comfortable by buying the best budget dishwasher? Good for you! But have you decided for which brand you will go for that can meet your needs effectively and is available at a cheap price? On Al-Fatah Electronics, we offer a range of dishwashing machines which comprise different number of programmes and types. This will help you to choose the right appliance for your kitchen.

Before buying a dishwasher, you need to make sure about the following questions. This will let you prevent picking an inappropriate appliance for yourself:

How Many Family Members are living in Your Home?

If there are only two to three members in your house, then you probably don’t require a full sized dishwashing machine. But if you have children or frequent guests gathering, then you need a full-sized dishwasher. This machine will be able to manage all your dish washing needs.

How Much Space is Available in Your Kitchen?

There is no doubt that every kitchen is designed in a unique way. Moreover, all cooking areas won’t have the same size. Some kitchens have luxurious spaces with additional room where you can easily store all kinds of cooking essentials including food. Hence, you can conveniently add various kitchen appliances and/or decorations.



Which One – Built-in or Free Standing Dishwasher?

On our online store, we are offering two types of dishwashers for your kitchen:

Built-in or Fully Integrated Dishwasher

As the name indicates, fully integrated or built-in dishwasher is installed into your cabinet. This means that the door of a cabinet can hide the dishwasher’s door at the back of its matching panel. Its custom panel will remain be concealed so appliance can be masked effectively.

Free Standing Dishwasher

A free standing dishwasher can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, just like a deep freezer or a water dispenser. Likewise, it can be fixed inside the kitchen cabinet or under the shelf. Why free standing dishwashing machine is more in demand is due to the reason that it can be installed much conveniently in any kitchen design.

Keep in mind that all dishwashers at Al-Fatah Electronics are available in standard sizes which can perfectly fit in any kitchen layout. White and silver colors are available which can go well with any kitchen design.

In order to let your dishwashing machine match with the kitchen décor, you can opt for a customized door panel of your cabinet.

While considering the best budget dishwasher and above useful points, you should also check for the dishwasher’s energy efficiency and water consumption, the number of programmes or wash cycles available, easy controllability/operations and its price. Much of its information can be made available by our CSRs online.

For more details and queries, you can call us on 0340-1111-444.

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