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This summer (when everyone is ready to spend a vacation in hilly areas), we need all the essential accessories of our smartphone. Many of us wouldn’t probably know what items they need on their vacation. Just going to buy the best low budget smartphone is not enough, you need to know all its related accessories that can be proved useful during traveling. Here, our experts have compiled a list of the crucial android phone accessories for this season:

Magnetic Charger:

This is simply a charger with a cable having a magnetic ending. The charging port containing the magnetic ending lets the phone to hold the cord securely while the phone is in the charging process.

Selfie Stick:

For the ones who love to capture selfies on occasions, a selfie stick is the best option for them. Once you decide to take a selfie, ensure that it has the right phone holder.

Wireless Charging Pad:

Some of the old smartphones may not support this feature but if you are using a new android phone, then this accessory can let you throw away cables and use a user friendly wireless charger.

External Battery:

Also called a portable charger, can be considered as fairly necessary in cell phone accessories, particularly for the ones who use their phone for the whole day. Depending on the model of the android phone you are using, these chargers are available in different sizes and shapes that can easily meet your needs.

Car Charger:

When it comes to smartphone accessories, we can say that it is a must have item which shouldn’t be overlooked. Car charger is handy and ideal for the ones who travel a lot.

Wireless Headphones:

It is one of the most commonly used accessories nowadays. Wireless headphones are perfect for the ones who enjoy music on their own. Most of us prefer using wireless headphones over regular ones. Now, this option is available on most of smartphones.

Bluetooth Speakers:

If you need more audio power, then Bluetooth speakers can help you with it. A wide range of such items is available on online stores so you can select the smartphone sound system of your choice.

Bluetooth Keyboard:

Many of us use a smartphone as a computer so they can buy one Bluetooth keyboard for their vacation. Either it’s a tablet or an android mobile phone, you can use Bluetooth keyboard that will help you to have a full workstation without needing to have any laptop around.

Extra Camera Lens:

When buying top budget smartphones, we usually believe that it should have a quality camera but most of us want even more. This is the reason why extra camera lenses for smartphones are available in the market. It indicates that you can easily use your phone in the same way as you use a separate camera by attaching a whole set of lenses.

Smartphone Case:

In the market, there is a wide variety of smartphone cases available in different sizes, materials, shapes and designs. This lets you decide your personal preferences and choose the case of your choice.

Screen Protector:

Most of the times, smartphone screen protectors are considered as a lifesaver. In case if your mobile phone drops down, this protector can keep its LED screen as new. So, it’s a useful accessory of today’s time.


If you are intended to stay fit by having routine exercise while having an android phone at your side, then armband is the best choice for you. It is becoming one of the most essential parts of gym equipment nowadays. With armband, now you can exercise while listening to your favorite music. This way, you don’t need to get worried about losing your mobile phone.

Car Mount:

Nowadays, this item is a must have accessory, particularly when you are using your cell phone as car navigation. If you use a GPS more often, then you should have a car mount installed into your vehicle.

We hope that you would have liked our suggestions for your best low budget smartphone. Do let us know if we have missed anything so we can add it to this list.

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