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When it comes to a newly designed kitchen, the range hood is always the focal point of any kitchenette. In order to get the best kitchen hood, here, our experts will explain what features you need to consider when buying a range hood so it can meet your needs efficiently.

From the past decades, kitchen range hood has attained its status by providing a fresh, healthy and clean environment to the households. Nowadays, people are more inclined to buy kitchen range hood since it is not only a ventilation appliance but gives an artistic design to your kitchen while letting you keep your design preferences. Whilst purchasing a kitchen hood, you need to consider the following useful tips so it can perfectly blend into your kitchen and provide the best performance.


For a range hood, it is not just something that should work best in your kitchen. Instead, it should add a touch of stylishness and usefulness to your cooking area. Thus, kitchen hood design must be captivating so it can make your cooking area an inviting space and can get compliments from friends and family.

Bosch Kitchen Hood DWW09W450B

If you are looking for a cost effective and popular design in kitchen hood, then stainless steel can be the best option for you. It is easier to clean and usually provides commercial-grade performance. On our online store, you can consider buying a hood with a glass finish. Either stainless steel or glass, both range hoods require little maintenance whilst adding elegance to your kitchen. Avoid letting anything spill onto the hood as it can lead to stains and smell.


Besides its look and feel, the overall price of the unit also matters. Most of us always look for the appliances that come within the budget. At Al-Fatah Electronics, we offer reliable and cost effective kitchen hoods ranging from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 200,000. It’s quite obvious that more you’ll spend on the range hood, the more sophisticated design you’ll get which will deliver better performance. Thus, these hoods are smartly constructed which can easily match today’s modern living.

Depending on the brand and type you select, each kitchen hood comprises different features which affect pricing. So, you need to choose the hood carefully and decide as to which features can be useful for your cooking area and which not.

Some models contain digital controls which are much convenient in use and seem elegant but they add to the cost of the unit. Similarly, hoods with stylish lights may cost more but they can make your working enjoyable in the kitchen. Modern range hoods contain better features which are available at reasonable prices. But you should opt for the one that can function and fit perfectly in your kitchen.

When looking for the best kitchen hood, make sure to consider the above common tips so you can buy the best appliance for your cooking space.

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