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Kenwood Multi Chopper With Blender CH-505


1.5L blender.
Power: 1000W.
Easy to operate.
Easy to clean and store.

Moulinex Chopper DPA141


Power: 1000W. Chopper 300ML. 1-2-3 startup & cord storage. Motor protection system

16,499 8% Off

Westpoint Chopper & Vegetable Cutter 502


The Westpoint chopper machine is very simple and creates perfect chopped onions, cabbages, and nuts. The sound generated when you chop is also much less. This makes it much more comfortable to use

9,599 29% Off

Westpoint Chopper & Vegetable Cutter 503


Powerful slient running motor. High-grade stainless steel blades

9,899 29% Off

Westpoint Chopper 1044

  • 500 Watts power with Safety Lock
  • 3 Processing Speeds
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Easy Cord Storage
  • 500 Watts 220–240V 50Hz


6,499 32% Off

Westpoint Chopper 1060


Westpoint Official WF-1060 Chopper 750 Watts Red.

4,499 36% Off

Westpoint Chopper 2 IN 1 2060


3-Processing Speeds: 2 speeds and pulse .Stainless Steel Blades. Perfectly Sealed

5,299 29% Off

Westpoint Chopper 2044


Easy cord storage .Large unbreakable jar. Ice crush feature

6,999 33% Off

Westpoint Kitchen Robot WF-504


Make use of this versatile Westpoint Kitchen Robot Westpoint chopper machine to do different food preparation methods like chop grind, mince puree, and chop.

10,999 15% Off

Westpoint Kitchen Robot WF-505


The powerful 800W Westpoint 10 Cup best chopper in Pakistan will save you your time as well as energy while cooking. It is safe and easy to use.

10,999 15% Off

Westpoint Vegetable Cutter WSP-506


Westpoint brings its best chopper in Pakistan Kitchen Robot Wf-506, an efficient chopper machine with a vegetable cutter, an essential appliance to have in your kitchen.

10,499 22% Off

Anex Food Chopper AG-3048


Chopper, Easy to use, Easy to clean, Large capacity ideal for chopping and mincing, meat, beans, garlic,onion,gingers etc., Super quality stainless steel blades

10,799 14% Off
Kenwood CH-250 Chopper

Kenwood Chopper CH-250


Brushed die-cast aluminium body premium quality and stainless steel blades for durability, strength and reliability

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