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Rays AR-2000 Watt Voltage Converter with Stabilizer


AR2000 2000 W Watt 110v 220v 50Hz/60Hz – Transformer with Regulator stabilizer. The AR Series Step Up / Step Down Voltage Converter with Regulator (Stabilizer) provides a stable source of power for all major appliances and sensitive electronics. Each model is CE approved and certified.

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Stabline Voltage stabilizer SVC-3000W


Voltage stabilizers are used to ensure normal power supply and operation of household appliances, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. The voltage stabilizer is built by toroidal autotransformer, contact regulator – servo motor, actuator, control and protection board. When the input voltage is not accurate, the motor of the electrical stabilizer drives the arm of the contact regulator and provides a stabilized output voltage

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