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Alpina Steam Iron 2200W SF-1304


Full Function Steam Iron for 220/240V Countries. This Product is Not Meant for Use in USA. 2200 Watts Dry / Steam / Spray Full Function Non-Stick Iron Powerful Vertical Steam – Water Tank Capacity: 300ml With Self Cleaning Function – Anti-calc / Anti-drip Functions Automatic Shut-off and Overheat Safety Protection

7,999 16% OFF

Cambridge Dry Iron DI-332

  • Automatic Dry Iron ( Malaysian Plate & Element ) :Lets the iron glide over all types of fabric without sticking or scorching. Easy Temperature Setting :Allow you to select and check temperature setting easily and accuracy. Pilot Lamp :Automatically goes out to let you know when the iron reached the selected temperature. Interchangeable Cord : The power can be set up on either side to allow easy ironing for right or left hand operation.
3,150 10% OFF

Handheld Mini Steam Iron


Buy Handheld Mini Steam Iron with Super Quality At Al Fatah Electronics

1,799 22% OFF
Kenwood ISP-100 BL Steam Iron

Kenwood BL Steam Iron ISP-100


Vertical steam function to remove creases on hanging fabrics, Optimal steam rate 0-20g/min variable steam, 60g/min boost to remove stubborn creases.

6,999 8% OFF
Kenwood STP-01 Blue Steam Iron

Kenwood Blue Steam Iron STP-01


This Kenwood Steam Iron comes with 1100 W power for easy cleaning,Automatic temperature regulation functions helps to remove stubborn creases on any fabrics.

5,799 11% OFF
Kenwood DIM-40 Gold Sole Plate Heavy Wright Ceramic Dry Iron

Kenwood Gold Sole Plate Heavy Wright Ceramic Dry Iron DIM-40


Kenwood dry iron is built with high quality, durable material with ceramic soleplate, Its 3 kg weight heats quickly and fast & smooth ironing tough jeans and hard linen fabric instantly.

8,599 9% OFF

Mini Foldable Travel Steam Iron HF-258B


Buy Mini Foldable Travel Steam Iron HF-258B with Super Quality At Al Fatah Electronics

1,799 28% OFF

Panasonic 1000W Dry Iron NI-22AWTM


Easy Operation, Heat-Resistant Cotton Cord, 6 Temperature Settings, White & Silver Color, Best Performance.

Panasonic 1800W Steam Iron M300T


5 Fabric Setting Temperature Control Dial, Spray Water Mist, Non-Stick Titanium-Finish Soleplate, 3 Level Steam Control, Built-in Water Tank.

7,899 7% OFF

Panasonic 2300W Steam Iron NI-U400


Ceramic Coating, Big Soleplate, Self Cleaning, Ergonomic Handle, Vertical Steam, Power Shot (120 g/min).

16,999 15% OFF

Panasonic 2400W Steam Iron NI-JU700C


Big Soleplate, Self Cleaning (Forced Drainage), Anti-Calc, Ergonomic Handle, 300cc Water Capacity.

Panasonic Cordless Steam Iron NI-100D

Panasonic Cordless Steam Iron NI-100D


Buy Panasonic NI-100D with Super Quality At Al Fatah Electronics.

11,900 5% OFF

Panasonic Non Stick Dry Iron 25AWT-M


The N1-25AWT1 model makes ironing easy with its own unique build-in features. The non stick coating soleplate ensures while the adjustable swivel cord allows easy maneuver while ironing. Also, its features with Thermos Cut-off.

6,199 11% OFF

Panasonic Non Stick Dry Iron 317


The N1-25AWT1 model makes ironing easy with its own unique build-in features. The non stick coating soleplate ensures while the adjustable swivel cord allows easy maneuver while ironing. Also, its features with Thermos Cut-off.

3,999 20% OFF

Panasonic Steam 360 Iron NI-JW650T


Panasonic Steam Iron has best features: no need to turn 360º view Anti-Drip. Buy at the Alfatah Electronics store in all over the Pakistan.

11,299 7% OFF

Panasonic Steam Iron M250T


Buy the Panasonic steam iron has best features: vertical shot, spray, water capacity 210ml, anti-slip grip. At the Alfatah electronics all over the Pakistan.

6,499 17% OFF

Panasonic Steam Iron U500

  • Big and curved ceramic soleplate quick result
  • Ergonomic handle, easy to grip
  • Heavy-duty design for comfortable ironing
  • Easy and stable glide
  • Steam distribution softens the fabric
  • Power shot 130g/min
  • Easy maintenance & Long-lasting
  • Self-cleaning button
  • Powerful maximum 2300 W
  • Anti-calcium chemical unit
  • 300 ml water tank capacity
  • Micro spray
18,999 14% OFF
Philips GC1426/39 1400W Steam Iron Purple

Philips 1400W Steam Iron Purple GC1426/39


Purple Color, Continuous Steam, Built-in Water Spray, 30% Faster with Steam, Steam 18g/min, Self-Cleaning, Descale.

4,299 14% OFF

Philips 5000 Series Steam Iron DST-5040/86


This iron operates with ordinary tap water. Calc-clean is a built-in cleaning function to remove calcium buildup, or limescale, and maintain peak performance. A textured handle ensures you a comfortable, ergonomic grip, so you can keep hold of the iron without ever slipping.

19,499 6% OFF

Philips Steam generator Iron GC7933/36


So fast and convenient, and you’ll never worry about burning clothes. Finish faster with twice as much steam as a steam iron. No settings to change and faster results with better wrinkle removal.

35,999 10% OFF
Philips Steam Iron DST-5020/26

Philips Steam Iron DST-5020/26


Buy the Philips Steam Iron DST-5020/26 with Super Quality At the Alfatah Electronics store all over the Pakistan.

20,000 13% OFF

Philips Steam iron Easy Speed GC1742/40


EasySpeed iron makes you are your ironing easy and effective with lots of steam to remove tough creases, non-stick soleplate for easy gliding on all fabrics, Calc Clean function for durable performance.

7,599 15% OFF

Philips Steam Iron GC1740/20


Anti scale non-stick soleplate. Wider whole for easy water filling


8,999 10% OFF

Philips 2500W Perfect Care Steam Iron GC3920


Now you can iron everything from jeans to silk in one go with OptimalTEMP technology giving you the perfect combination of heat and steam – for faster crease removal with no risk of burn or shine marks.

17,499 8% OFF
Philips GC2145/20 Steam Iron

Philips Steam Iron GC2145/20


Easy Speed Plus speeds up ironing with powerful bursts of steam to tackle tough creases, a durable ceramic soleplate for easy gliding, and our drip-stop system to prevent leakage.

6,499 19% OFF
Kenwood 2400W Electric Steam Iron ISP-201

Kenwood 2400W Electric Steam Iron ISP-201


Kenwood ISP-201 – 2400W, Kenwood Steam Iron, Best Performance, Variable Steam Control, Cheap Price, Electric Steam Iron.

5,699 24% OFF

Panasonic Dry Iron NI-21M


Heavy Weight Dry Iron, Non-stick Coated Sole Plate.

6,999 13% OFF

Panasonic Dry Iron PNS-LRN-21J


Heavy weight dry iron. Non-stick Coated Sole Plate.

14,799 13% OFF

Philips Dry Iron HD 1172


Dry iron, Non-stick soleplate coating, Pointed tip for ironing tricky areas, Light indicator, Power: 1000W.

4,900 11% OFF
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