Air conditioners

Air conditioners can be a great way to keep your home comfortable during the summer months, but they can also be a major energy drain. If you’re looking to buy an air conditioner, be sure to pick one that is Energy Star rated. An Energy Star rated air conditioner will use less energy than other models and can save you money on your electric bill each month. Additionally, make sure to pick the right size for your home. Buying an air conditioner that’s too large will result in wasted energy, while buying one that’s too small won’t be able to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. Consider speaking to an HVAC professional who can help you determine what size air conditioner is best for your home.


Another important factor to consider when purchasing an air conditioner is the type of unit you should buy. There are several types of air conditioners available, including window units, central air systems, and portable models. Window units are typically less expensive than other models and are easy to install. Central air systems can be more expensive but will provide cooling throughout your entire home. Portable air conditioners are great for renters or those who need to move the unit often, as they can be easily transported and moved from one place to another. It’s important to consider the size of your space, as well as your budget, when deciding which type is right for you.


The size of your air conditioner is another important factor to consider when shopping for one. Make sure you get a unit that’s the appropriate size for your room or home. Air conditioners come in various sizes, and getting a unit that’s too big or small can affect its energy efficiency. Too big and it won’t be able to cool the space effectively, while too small and it will have to work harder to cool the room, resulting in higher energy bills. An HVAC professional can help you determine what size is right for your home or office.


When shopping for an air conditioner, there are many features to consider. Look for models with adjustable fan speeds so you can customize the speed of the air flow. Some models have a timer feature that will allow you to set when the air conditioner turns on and off. Other popular features include an energy saver mode, which saves energy by turning itself off after a certain period of time, and a remote control, which makes it easier to adjust the temperature from anywhere in the room. Consider what features you need and look for models that offer them.

Finally, be sure to check the warranty on any air conditioner you’re considering buying. Look for warranties that cover both parts and labor, as well as those offering extended coverage. This will help ensure that you’re covered in the event of any problems with your air conditioner.

By considering all these factors, you can be sure to find an air conditioner that meets your needs and helps keep your home cool without breaking the bank. With a little research and shopping around, you can find an energy-efficient air conditioner that fits your budget and keeps your home comfortable for years to come.

Air Conditioners

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Haier 1 Ton Inverter HSU-12HFCF


Haier HSU-12HFCF AC 1-ton smart inverter white is a latest running model, It is among the top air conditioners, At Alfatah Electronic Store Shop Now.

Haier 1.0 Ton DC Inverter 12HFCN


Heat and Cool, R410a Refrigerant, Hidden LED Display, Wall Mounted, 18000 BTU, DC Inverter Technology.

90,000 5% Off

Haier 2.0 Ton Air Conditioner 24HFCD


Strong Airflow Exquisite, Dust Filter, UPS Enabled, One Touch, Cleaning 99.9%, Sterilization Rate 46 Degree Centigrade, Full BTU, Hidden LED Display

165,000 6% Off

Haier Air Conditioner Wall Mounted Inverter 1 Ton 12HRW


UPS Enabled, Easy Operation of Controller, 3M Purify Filter, Exquisite Dust Filter, Turbo Heat and Cool, DC Inverter Technology.

87,999 4% Off

Haier DC Inverter Air Conditioner 1 Ton 12HFM


Dirt accumulates on the evaporator of the air conditioner during its operation, the dirty evaporator facilitates bacterial growth and affect the quality of air out and the health of our body, our patent Cold Expansion Technology freezes the surface with moisture in the air and removes the dirt in defrosting.

95,000 3% Off
Haier 12HFPAA DC Inverter Air Conditioner Gold

Haier DC Inverter Air Conditioner Star Gold 12HFPAA


Indoor Panel. Concealed LED. Bigger Indoor Turbo cool. Self Cleaning. Strong Airflow.

102,000 6% Off
Haier inverter AC 1.0 Ton 12HFPBG

Haier Inverter AC 1.5 Ton 18HFPBG


Haier Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton HSU-18HFPBG All products are available, Best price in pakistan, Haier Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton HSU-18HFPBG.


Haier Inverter AC 1.5 Ton HSU-18HFCF


The key features include the facilities of Turbo cool, UPS Enabled. It has strong airflow and an exquisite dust filter. At Alfatah Electronic! Store.

115,000 2% Off

Haier Inverter AC 1.5 Ton HSU-18HPM T3


Haier DC Inverter 1.5-Ton Air Conditioner available on Alfatah Electronics Store | All over the Pakistan | Enabled with Solar Inverter

142,000 6% Off

Haier Inverter Ac 1.5 Ton STAR Golden HSU-18HFPAA


Haier HSU-18HFPAA Air Conditioner. All products are available , best price in pakistan, Haier HSU-18HFPAA DC Inverter Air Conditioner At Alfatah Electronic Store.


Haier Inverter AC 1.5-Ton Puri Cool Gold HSU-18HJ


Haier DC Inverter Air Conditioner available on Alfatah Electronics Store | All over the Pakistan | Wi-Fi Control & Air purification

152,000 2% Off

Haier Inverter AC 1.5-Ton Star HSU-18HFPAA


Buy the best Air Conditioner price in Pakistan. At the Alfatah Electronic Store, all over the Country.

130,000 4% Off

Haier Inverter AC Split 1.5 Ton (Heat & Cool) White HSU-18HFCM


With and additional device Haier inverter Air Conditioner can be operated on UPS in case of power outage.


Haier Inverter Air Conditioner 1.5 ton 18HFM


Heat and Cool, R410a Refrigerant, , Hidden LED Display, Wall Mounted, 18000 BTU, DC Inverter Technology.

120,000 4% Off

Haier Split AC 1.5-Ton White HSU-18CFCM


Turbo cool, Strong Airflow, Exquisite Dust Filter, 3M Purify Filter, Concealed LED Display

97,000 3% Off

Haier Split AC1 Ton HSU-12CFCM


Turbo cool, Strong Airflow, Exquisite Dust Filter, 3M Purify Filter, Concealed LED Display

79,000 5% Off

Haier 2 Ton Cool Only Air Conditioner Red 24LTC


2.0 Ton, Wall Mounted, Cool Only, Fixed Frequency, R410 Refregerant

120,000 5% Off
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