Rays Storage Geyser 55 Gallons Electric & Gas Heavy Gauge 55G Twin


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55Gallons, Storage Type, Solid Body, Electric & Gas Heater,Thermostat to Control Temperature,



Rays 55 Gallons Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Heavy Gauge 55G

Rays 55 Gallons Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Heavy Gauge 55G is one of the most selling models of the season. Its compact design, spacious water-holding capacity, and heavy gauge material keep water warm for a longer period of time. Moreover, dual technology allows you to utilize electric & gas supply. It is reliable for your hot water demands. This adaptable geyser ensures a steady supply of hot water in any circumstance by fusing the dependability of gas with the effectiveness of electric heating. It has the ability to survive for a very long time in your house. Ideally made for families and bigger houses, it has an enormous 55-gallon capacity, which provides enough hot water for bathing, cleaning, and other uses. Its small size makes installation simple and space-saving. The combination of gas and electric heating choices offers versatility and guarantees that you will always have hot water, even in the event of a power loss. This geyser is fitted with the most modern safety mechanisms to avoid overheating and guarantee dependable operation.

Upgrade to the Rays 55 Gallons Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Heavy Gauge 55G, a dependable and effective option for continuous hot water supplies, for your hot water system. 

Protect You Geyser from Rust 

To maintain the durability and effectiveness of your storage geyser, dust must be kept out of its way. Here are some pointers for maintaining a dust-free geyser:

Cover It: To keep dust from collecting on the geyser’s surface while not in use, think about covering it with a fitting cover or piece of fabric.

Frequent Cleaning: To get rid of any collected dust, wipe the geyser’s exterior down with a soft, moist cloth on a frequent basis. Steer clear of anything abrasive that can scratch the surface.

Seal Gaps: Make sure the geyser’s surrounding region is adequately sealed. To stop dust from entering, cover any cracks or crevices with weather-stripping or sealer.

Elevate the Geyser: If at all feasible, place the geyser high and away from the ground. This lessens the possibility of dust buildup.

Make sure there is adequate ventilation in the space where the geyser is situated. In order to minimize dust buildup on the geyser, proper ventilation can assist in lowering the amount of dust in the air.

Frequent Use: Keep the geyser running as often as possible to keep dust from collecting within the appliance. Dust collection is more likely to occur in stagnant water heaters.

specialist Maintenance: Arrange for routine inspections by a specialist. To keep the geyser efficient, experts may clean interior parts and make sure there are no dust particles present.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Geyser Type


Geyser Technology

Electric and Gas

Tank Guage Size




Newly Type

Electric & Gas (Dual Option)



  • Electric and Gas water heater
  • Thermostat to control water temperature
  • Solid body
  • Rust free galvanized inner tank
  • can be used with high water pressure
  • Recommended for maximum four water utilization points (e.g. three washrooms and one kitchen/ any other combination)
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