Corona 50 Gallons Electric and Gas Twin Storage Geyser Imported Element 50G


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Gas & Electric Water Heater, rust-free galvanized inner tank, normal water pressure, four water utilization points, 50 Gallons capacity.



Corona 50 Gallons Electric and Gas Twin Storage Geyser Imported Element 50G

Corona 50 Gallons Electric and Gas Twin Storage Geyser Imported Element 50G is the best geyser designed for your home, office, and public places including Masjid, hospitals, etc. With its cutting-edge technology, it can redefine the bathing experience. This geyser model is considered the best due to its incredible features that give an unmatched experience to the entire family. Crafted in premium quality materials, this corona geyser amalgamates style, efficiency, and uninterrupted hot water supply. 

The experts have created it according to the energy outage problems in Pakistan. That’s why this storage-type geyser offers electric and gas water heating options for the user’s convenience. As per the needs and choices, the thermostat control allows them to keep an eye on energy consumption and save thousands of rupees every month.  

Unique Features

This model, at Al Fatah Electronics, is not an ordinary one but was built under the supervision of experts and tested by real families. The following are some unique features that make this geyser your number-one choice to enjoy hot water for bathing, washing, dishing, cleaning, etc. 

Uninterrupted Hot Water: Long waiting hours are gone. With Corona 50 Gallons Electric and Gas Twin Storage Geyser Imported Element 50G, live your life worry-free and fresh and double the excitement of winter. 

Versatile Usage: Corona geysers are considered the best when it comes to versatility and usage. 

Energy Efficient: This energy-saving model is made for reducing electricity bills and enhancing efficiency. 

Smart Safety Measures: This model comes with modern yet advanced safety features that allow you to stay safe at home, office, and any other place you want to install it. It has overheating protection and stress-free usage with shockproof technology.

Durable & Robust Body: You do not want to lose your best geysers that add peace to your life and make your life easier. However, this geyser is constructed with a robust body which ensures durability and reliable service.

Quick & Easy Installation: Geyers that are easy to install and easy to use are the favorite of the users. This geyser is easy to install and comes with a comprehensive user manual to ensure easy operation.

Compact Design: This geyser design is compact and pretty operational. It adds a sophisticated touch to your home decor or anywhere it is installed. 

People often complain about the geyser malfunctions after a few months. All you need is to keep an eye on a few things that can save you thousands of rupees in repairs. 

  • Maintain a schedule for regular check-ups and ensure that your geyser is working properly. 
  • Keep an eye on the water temperature and manually adjust it to avoid any kind of scalding accidents.
  • Use insulated water pipes to reduce heat loss from the water during travel to the taps.
  • Avoid the chances of pressure build-up through pressure release installation of a pressure release valve.  
  • Install low-flow water shower heads and taps to minimize the usage of hot water.
  • After the end of the season, drain the geyser to remove sediments. This will help enhance the lifespan of the geyser.
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Additional information

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Gas and electric water heater



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