Rays Electric Storage Geyser 15 Gallons 15G


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Enameled Steel Protection, 1000W Power, Front Temperature Knob, Thick Polyurethane Insulation, Anti-Freeze Function.



Rays 15 Gallons Electric Storage Geyser 15G

In terms of water heating options, the Rays 15 Gallons Electric Storage Geyser 15G is a perfect electric geyser for bathrooms, kitchens, small homes, bigger homes, offices, commercial areas, etc. You can use this geyser as per your needs and requirements but they are useful for numerous uses. Designed with compact families and workplaces in mind, this electric storage geyser combines cutting-edge technology with sturdy construction. This is why it is noteworthy:

Spacious: This model This geyser’s 15-gallon capacity guarantees a plentiful supply of hot water, making it ideal for small families’ daily requirements as well as those of offices.

The luxury of Uninterrupted Hot Water: Regarding water heating options, the Rays 15 Gallons Electric Storage Geyser 15G redefines dependability and ease. It eliminates the tedious wait for water to heat up and offers you the convenience of quick hot water at your fingertips thanks to its efficient electric storage geyser. This geyser’s strongest body structure on the market guarantees lifespan and strength since it was designed with durability in mind. It is a durable water heating solution that promises years of dependable service because of its capacity to endure the rigors of regular use.

Easy Temperature Regulations: A notable characteristic of this electric geyser is the accurate temperature regulation made possible by an integrated thermostat. With the help of this cutting-edge technology, users may tailor the water temperature to their personal tastes, ensuring that every member of the family can bathe in safety and comfort.

Anti-freeze Function: The anti-freeze feature of a geyser is revolutionary, particularly in colder climates. This feature makes sure the geyser runs and produces hot water even in below-freezing conditions, so you don’t have to worry about taking a cold shower in the winter.

Space-saving Design: This geyser is designed to be both efficient and space-efficient, making it ideal for small families and offices. Its well-considered design is evident in its easy integration into small bathrooms or workplace utility spaces. Without sacrificing performance, it provides a stable hot water solution to meet the needs of both busy businesses and small households.

The Rays 15G is unique in that it has an easy-to-use design. The geyser is easy to operate with its simple controls. Because of its ease of use, even those without technical expertise can operate the geyser, making it more accessible to all members of the family or workplace.

Ultimate Comfort 

Rays 15 Gallon Electric Storage Geyser 15G also brings peace of mind. It is a great option for small households and business settings because of its large capacity, effective electric storage mechanism, sturdy construction, accurate temperature control, and anti-freeze features. Use this strong and easy-to-use Rays geyser to enjoy hot water’s unmatched ease and dependability. Welcome to the Rays method of comfort and continuous hot water delivery.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 60 kg


Geyser Type



15 G

Newly Type

Electric (Storage)

Gauge Type


Tank Guage Size




  • Frontal temperature regulation knob
  • Large amounts of hot water
  • Anti-freeze function
  • High-thickness polyurethane insulation
  • TBST high performance thermostat
  • Oversized magnesium anode
  • Enameled steel protection
  • Over and under sink version available
  • Made in China



  • 15 gallons water storage capacity
  • 1000W power
  • 50-60 Hz
  • Storage type
  • Electric water heater
  • 12 x 14 gauge size
  • Normal gauge
  • Metal body
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