Multi-color Microfiber Cloth for Car Cleaning 50 X 72


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Microfiber reigns supreme in car care due to its gentle touch, high absorbency, and paint-safe properties. Premium Microfiber Towels, boasting an 80/20 microfiber blend and silk-banded edges, epitomize quality. With dual-nap sides, they tackle every task efficiently, from dust removal to wax application. For meticulous detailing, these towels are unrivaled.



  • Microfiber is the go-to material in the automotive industry for its softness, absorbency, and gentle touch on car surfaces.
  • Premium Microfiber Towels are crafted from a specialized 80/20 microfiber blend, ensuring both softness and durability.
  • These towels boast a luxurious silk-banded edge, designed to minimize linting and safeguard sensitive paintwork.
  • Each towel is equipped with two distinct nap sides: one short and one high.
  • The high pile side is ideal for whisking away dust and debris, as well as buffing detail sprays to achieve a streak-free shine.
  • Conversely, the low pile side is perfect for eliminating cured paste waxes and sealants from car surfaces.
  • Premium Microfiber Towels are the top choice for meticulous detailing tasks.
  • Their superior softness ensures they won’t scratch or mar delicate paint finishes.
  • The high absorbency of microfiber allows for efficient cleaning without leaving behind residue or streaks.
  • The 80/20 microfiber blend strikes a balance between plushness and strength, making these towels durable for repeated use.
  • The silk-banded edge enhances the towels’ longevity by reducing the risk of fraying or shedding fibers.
  • These towels offer professional-grade performance for achieving showroom-quality results.
  • The dual-nap design caters to various detailing needs, providing versatility and efficiency.
  • Premium Microfiber Towels are a staple tool for automotive enthusiasts, detailers, and professionals alike.
  • When precision and excellence are paramount, these towels deliver unparalleled performance in car care.
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50 x 72

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Microfiber Clothes

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