Rays Electric Storage Geyser 14 Gallons 14-GL


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Enameled Steel Protection, 1000W Power, Front Temperature Knob, Thick Polyurethane Insulation, Anti-Freeze Function.



Rays 14 Gallons Electric Storage Geyser 14-GL 

Rays 14 Gallons Electric Storage Geyser 14-GL is a compact and aesthetically appealing electric geyser. This incredibly amazing small electric geyser is ideal for an individual or small family of 3 to 4 members. Such electric water heater geyser is best used at homes, offices, and hotels. 

Unmatched Features

Constructed to offer cost-effective and practical hot water solutions for households, the Rays 14-GL Electric Storage Geyser is one step ahead of the existing domestic technology. This geyser carries a 14-gallon water storage capacity and guarantees a plentiful supply of hot water for all family requirements, including dishwashing, bathing, and laundry at multiple points. With its robust 2000W operation, this appliance guarantees speedy heating and instant access to hot water when needed.

Electricity Compatibility

While living in Pakistan, you might have an idea about voltage fluctuation and electricity blackouts. This is the best electric geyser, compatible with the majority of electrical systems because it functions perfectly on 50–60 Hz frequency. Reliability and continuous performance are guaranteed by its electric water heater system. Its sturdy construction is highlighted by the 12 x 14 gauge size, which denotes resistance to deterioration over time. This thickness ensures longevity and an uninterrupted hot water supply for years. For families seeking a long-lasting water heating solution, this traditional gauge electric water heater geyser choice. 


Electric Storage Design 


The Rays 14 Gallons Electric Storage Geyser 14-GL is a storage-type design which is one of its standout qualities. This geyser holds hot water, in contrast to tankless water heaters, enabling a continuous supply without the need to wait for the water to warm up each time. Larger families or houses with several hot water requirements at once can benefit most from this storage capacity. The plastic cover not only works as an aesthetically appealing part but adds aesthetic appeal to the electric geyser. Because plastic tops are corrosion-resistant and lightweight, they add longevity to the life of the appliance. Furthermore, the plastic material is a great insulator, which helps to increase overall energy efficiency and preserve heat within the tank. This function lowers energy usage, which benefits the environment in addition to saving money on power.

User Protection

This electric hot water geyser has cutting-edge safety measures that guard against mishaps and guarantee user protection. Standard features like pressure release valves and overheating prevention reduce the possibility of accidents caused by the unit’s internal buildup of heat or pressure, giving consumers peace of mind.


For homes, looking for a high-capacity electric geyser for bathrooms, the Rays 14 Gallons Electric Storage Geyser 14-GL is a dependable and effective option. If you need the best electric geyser for your hot water systems, its huge 14-gallon storage capacity, strong 2000W heating element, and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice. This geyser is a must-have for every modern home, office, and commercial area since it provides steady hot water, perfect for taking a soothing shower after a hard day or for managing other domestic chores.

Additional information

Additional information



Geyser Type


Newly Type

Electric (Storage)

Gauge Type



14 G

Tank Guage Size




  • 14 gallons water storage capacity
  • 2000W power
  • 50-60 Hz
  • Storage type
  • Electric water heater
  • 12 x 14 gauge size
  • Normal gauge
  • Plastic top
  • Metal body
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