Corona Storage Geyser Electric & Gas Heavy Guage 50 Gallons Twin


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1 Year Thermostat and 5 Years Tank Warranty, Twin Heavy Gauge-Size: 10 * 12, Solid Body, Recommended For Normal Water Pressure, Four Water Utilization Points.



Corona Storage Geyser Electric & Gas Heavy Gauge 50

The excellent quality robust Corona Storage Geyser Electric & Gas Heavy Gauge 50 is built to last and is highly efficient with its super functional material. This multipurpose geyser guarantees a steady supply of hot water by running on gas or electricity. This dual-technology feature makes it the most adaptable model for the general public. Its elegant black and grey style and space-saving compact design give your place a sophisticated touch.

Unique Features 

Dual-Technology: Gas and electricity as energy serves the purpose of uninterrupted water supply. Since Pakistan is suffering from an energy shortage, we often experience electricity and gas outages. In such conditions, this geyser works best. With the dual storage system, you may have continuous access to hot water by combining gas and electric heating choices. This provides convenience and peace of mind by guaranteeing that you will always have hot water, even in the event of a power loss.

Temperature Control: The state-of-the-art thermostats on the Corona water heater are made by Tesla company. With the help of these thermostats, you can keep the water at your ideal temperature. Not only does it save energy but eventually saves monthly bills without putting in extra effort. Savor hot water at precisely the right temperature to improve your cleaning and bathing experiences.

Sturdy Construction: With a solid-body construction, this water heater is made to last and will become your favorite appliance within a few seasons. Strong construction adds to the unit’s entire lifespan in addition to guaranteeing durability. The inner tank is rust-free and galvanized, which increases its resistance to corrosion and ensures long-lasting operation, even under trying circumstances.

Compatibility with High Water Pressure: The Corona water heater is made to work with systems that have high water pressure. This water geyser can withstand the pressure in both high-rise apartments and multi-story homes, guaranteeing strong and reliable water flow throughout your property. So no matter how multistory your homes are, all you need is this spacious model. 

Why do you need Gas & Eclectic Storage Geysers?

Gas and electric storage geysers are vital to home appliances that provide a consistent supply of hot water and adaptability. Gas geysers ensure a constant hot water supply without relying on electricity, making them important during blackouts. They heat water quickly and cheaply, and they are quite efficient. Conversely, electric storage geysers are practical for everyday usage and offer reliable performance. Households benefit from flexibility when they have both alternatives, particularly during periods of high demand or when energy sources change. This dual system is essential for maintaining comfort and convenience in any house since it ensures a consistent supply of hot water that may accommodate a variety of needs and preferences.


Furthermore, energy cost-effectiveness and efficiency are promised in the combination of gas and electric storage geysers. Gas geysers are less energy-intensive and environmentally beneficial, which lowers utility costs. When the gas supply is scarce, electric geysers offer a dependable backup. With this dual arrangement, switching between energy sources is smooth, enabling homes to quickly adjust to changing energy needs and guaranteeing hot water availability all the time.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Geyser Type


Tank Guage Size


Gauge Type


Newly Type

Electric & Gas (Dual Option)


50 G




  • Gas thermostat to control water temperature
  • Solid body
  • Rust free galvanized inner tank
  • Recommended for normal water pressure
  • Recommended for maximum four water utilization points (e.g. three washrooms and one kitchen/ any other combination)
  • imported element


  • Storage type
  • Electric and gas water heater (Dual option)
  • Heavy gauge – size: 10 * 12
  • Capacity: 50 gallons
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