Rays Gas Storage Geyser 25G Standard


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25 Gallons, Gas Storage Type, Solid Body, Thermostat & Knobs to Control Temperature & Pressure Respectively, Best Quality



Rays 25G Gas Storage Geyser Standard

With the Rays 25G Gas Storage Geyser Standard, you can rely on cutting-edge technology and well-thought-out design to provide an interrupted and effective hot water solution. This gas storage geyser stands out as a top option for homes looking for reliable and convenient hot water. It comes with an array of cutting-edge features. It has the following main attributes and advantages.

Temperature Control 

The Rays 25G Gas Storage Geyser Standard has a premium thermostat, which gives you exact control over the temperature of the water. By guaranteeing that the water is consistently at the ideal temperature for your comfort, this function makes a bath joyful and stress-free. Moreover, it helps save energy and eventually monthly bills. 

Sturdy Design

This geyser has a rust-free galvanized inner tank and sturdy body giving it great durability. All you need is a design that lasts long and does not waste money. With its resilient design, it ensures durability and dependable operation under hard weather and unfavorable conditions. The Rays 25G geyser is an investment that will last for years because of its sturdy design.

Compact & Spacious:

This gas storage geyser, with its enormous 25-gallon capacity, is ideal for bigger families or houses that want more hot water since it offers a plentiful supply of hot water. Its large capacity guarantees that you will never run out of hot water, enabling you to carry out your everyday duties with ease.

Fit for Water Pressure of Normal

The Rays 25G Gas Storage Geyser Standard is intended to function effectively under normal water pressure circumstances and is recommended for normal water pressure. This feature makes it the perfect option for the majority of household settings by ensuring continuous hot water delivery without sacrificing performance.

Auto Ignition Technology 

The convenience of the geyser is increased by its auto-ignition feature. Enjoy hassle-free hot water with an easy-to-use, automated ignition system. In addition to saving time, this feature improves user experience by being simple to use and intuitive.

Adaptable Use

This gas storage geyser meets a multitude of domestic requirements, be it a soothing bath, an urgent shower, or any other hot water necessity. Because of its adaptability, it’s a great addition to your house, adding the pleasure of easily accessible hot water to your everyday routines.

Ultimately, the Rays 25G Gas Storage Geyser Standard offers an outstanding hot water option for your house by fusing dependability, efficiency, and ease. With its sophisticated features, which include auto ignition, sturdy construction, and accurate temperature control, it’s a trusted option for families looking for a stable and effective gas storage geyser. The Rays 25G Gas Storage Geyser Standard allows you to have hot water at your fingertips, which is both comfortable and convenient.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 60 kg


Geyser Type



25 G

Newly Type


Tank Guage Size


Gauge Type




  • Thermostat to control water temperature
  • Solid body
  • Rust free galvanized inner tank
  • Gauge size: 12*14
  • Recommended for normal water pressure
  • 25 Gallons Capacity
  • Gas Water Heater
  • Storage Geyser
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