Rays 55 Gallons Electric & Gas Storage Geyser Twin 55G Deluxe


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55 Gallons, Electric & Gas Storage Type, Solid Body, Thermostat to Control Temperature, Useful for Two Water Utilization Points



Rays 55 Gallons Electric & Gas Storage Geyser 55G

Rays 55 Gallons Electric & Gas Storage Geyser 55G is an incredible dual gas and electric geyser. This gas and electric geyser is a storage geyser, comes in 55-gallon capacity, and offers uninterrupted hot water all the time. Pakistan has been facing electric and gas shortages for decades now and this is a big headache for the people now. Since this model is a gas and electric geyser, it works well in the outage and is considered the best solution to this problem. Large families, commercial places, and big bungalows can benefit from this spacious and highly efficient model. Moreover, this geyser electric and gas featured is the season’s hot seller due to its high performance in extreme weather and holding water for longer periods after you shut off the geyser. 

Benefits of Gas and Electric Geyser

Geysers that are gas and electricity provide a number of benefits that may be tailored to a variety of choices and requirements. 

Benefits of Electric Storage Geyser

  1.  Electric storage geysers offer instant hot water, making it possible for you to take warm showers, and baths, or do your laundry whenever you choose.
  2. Modern electric geysers have energy-saving features like programmable timers and thermostats that enable consumers to optimize energy use and save electricity bills.
  3. Such geysers are incredibly dependable and can keep water at a constant temperature for long periods of time, giving families a steady supply of hot water.
  4. Electric geysers are a practical option for both residential and commercial areas due to their ease of installation.
  5. Due to its modest size, electric storage geysers may be installed in tiny locations like bathrooms or utility rooms.

Benefits of Gas Storage Geyser


  1.  Gas geysers that heat water in storage containers heat it quickly, producing practically immediate hot water. For homes with high hot water consumption, this is especially helpful.
  2. Because gas costs can be less expensive than electricity rates, gas geysers are frequently more affordable to operate, especially in locations where natural gas is widely accessible.
  3. Gas geysers are perfect for large households or companies with regular, high hot water demand since they can deliver a continuous supply of hot water.
  4. Gas geysers are a more environmentally friendly alternative than electric geysers since they emit less greenhouse gases, especially if the gas comes from a clean, renewable source.

Why Choose Rays?

Rays is a brand reflecting superior quality, unmatched reliability, and highest performance to meet warm water needs. Their wide range of geysers is well-crafted using cutting-edge technology and premium materials to ensure long-lasting durability and effective functioning. Most of them are energy-efficient without sacrificing performance in order to save you money on power costs. In order to provide you and your family peace of mind, Ray’s Geysers puts safety first and incorporates cutting-edge technologies like pressure release valves and accurate temperature controls. They offer adaptability, guaranteeing there is a perfect match for any family, with a number of models catering to varied requirements. The company’s dedication to client satisfaction is further demonstrated by its great after-sales support and favorable market reputation. 

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Tank Guage Size


Geyser Type


Gauge Type


Newly Type

Electric & Gas (Dual Option)





  • Electric and gas water heater
  • Thermostat to control water temperature
  • Solid body
  • Rust free galvanized inner tank
  • Recommended for normal water pressure
  • Recommended for maximum four water utilization points (e.g. three washrooms and one kitchen/ any other combination)
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