Rays Electric Storage Water Geyser 10 Gallons 10G


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Enameled Steel Protection, 1000W Power, Front Temp. Knob, Thick Polyurethane Insulation, Anti-Freeze Function.



Rays 10 Gallons Electric Storage Water Geyser 10G

The Rays 10 Gallons Electric Storage Water Geyser 10G is an incredible geyser built to get an uninterrupted water supply with its 10 Gallons capacity. It offers sound and effective hot water solutions for homes, bathrooms, hotels, and other commercial areas and displays cutting-edge technology and careful design. This electric storage geyser stands out as a foremost option for families looking for a reliable and convenient hot water electric water heater geyser due to its cutting-edge features.

Let’s discuss a few below.

Accurate Temperature Control: This electric geyser is designed to control the overheating of water and to save energy. Users may precisely select the ideal water temperature with the frontal temperature regulation knob, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable bathing experience.

Rich Hot Water Supply: Unlike other geysers, this geyser comes with a spacious and compact design. 10-gallon geyser ensures a plentiful supply of hot water, satisfying your family’s demands for a range of household chores including laundry, dishwashing, and bathing.

Anti-Freeze Feature: This electric hot water geyser comes with an incredible function which is an anti-freeze feature. In winter, when some areas of the country face extreme cold weather, this model doesn’t disappoint you in any case. Adapted to tolerate lower temperatures, this feature makes sure that the geyser keeps working in cold weather to provide hot water all year round.

Energy Efficiency and Insulation: Energy efficiency is a topmost priority of the modern era. By minimizing heat loss and lowering power usage, the high-thickness polyurethane insulation and the guage ensure energy efficiency and eventually lower energy expenses. 

Controllable Thermostat: With its high-performance thermostat, this geyser ensures a steady supply of hot water and maintains a constant water temperature. However, it demonstrates advanced thermostat technology.

Increased Durability & Protection: This 10-gallon model is the best electric geyser which has an inner tank, shielded from corrosion by a larger magnesium anode. This helps increase the tank’s resilience and extends its life. Moreover, this works as an additional cover of defense against deterioration provided by the enameled steel protection.

Versatile Installation Options: Electric water heater geyser has a number of uses but some models do not usually have a lot to offer you. On the other hand, the Rays 10 Gallons Electric Storage Water Geyser 10G accommodates your unique requirements by offering versatility in location, whether you want an over-sink or under-sink installation.

Assurance of Quality: Crafted with pride in China, this geyser meets all production guidelines and standards to guarantee dependability, effectiveness, and longevity. 

the Rays 10 Gallons Electric Storage Water Geyser 10G offers an excellent hot water solution for your house by combining cutting-edge technologies, energy economy, and durability. With its accurate temperature control, large hot water supply, anti-freeze feature, and flexible installation choices, it’s a solid alternative for homes looking for an effective and trustworthy electric storage geyser. With the Rays 10 Gallon Electric Storage Water Geyser 10G, you can enjoy the pleasure and convenience of having hot water at your fingertips.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 60 kg


Geyser Type



10 G

Newly Type

Electric (Storage)

Gauge Type


Tank Guage Size




  • Frontal temperature regulation knob
  • Large amounts of hot water
  • Anti-freeze function
  • High-thickness polyurethane insulation
  • TBST high performance thermostat
  • Ovesized magnesium anode
  • Enameled steel protection
  • Over and under sink version available
  • Made in China



  • 10 gallons water storage capacity
  • 1000W power
  • 50-60 Hz
  • Storage type
  • Electric water heater
  • 12 x 14 gauge size
  • Normal gauge
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